From fashion-forward labels to healthcare groups that prioritize well-being, we've collaborated with a diverse range of companies, each with their own unique vision. Our floral designs have graced the spaces of trendy bars, to infusing the air with captivating scents alongside a scent company.

Let Anndol Floral be your partner in creating a corporate floral experience that sets your brand apart from the rest. We're here to listen, understand your goals, and work together to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or are seeking inspiration, our team is ready to turn your corporate event into a masterpiece that reflects your brand's identity.

  • New Skincare Collection Launch + Virtual Workshop

    Virtual Fresh Flower Vase Arrangement for the Grand Launch of Clarins' New Skincare Collection.

  • Mother’s Day Media Kit for Summer Collection

    Bespoke Mother's Day Media Kits for Charles & Keith Summer Collection in May 2021.

  • Empowering Hearts - Workshop for a Good Cause

    Preserved Floral Arrangement Workshop in Partnership with Franklin Templeton for Dementia Caregivers.

  • Exclusive Perfume Collaboration 

    Collaborated and Crafted 3 Distinctive Scents in Partnership with Maison21G.

  • Christmas Corporate Gifting

    Tailored Exquisitely for Guerlain's Esteemed VIP Clients, with Custom-Designed Colours.

  • Premium Chocolates and Preserved Flower Giftbox Bundle

    Exclusive Chocolate and Preserved Flower Giftbox Bundle in Collaboration.

  • Corporate Gifting - Gift Bouquets

    Petite Bouquets to Celebrate Mother's Day at Pan Pacific's The Edge Restaurant.

  • Floral Bar Activation

    Mother's Day Floral Bar Activation for Shopback's Clients.

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