Prosperity 恭喜發財 (Fresh Kamquat)
Prosperity 恭喜發財 (Fresh Kamquat)

Prosperity 恭喜發財 (Fresh Kamquat)

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Prosperity 恭喜發財 (Fresh Plants)

Kumquat trees (金桔树) are a perennial favorite at this time of the year. They are often placed in many homes to welcome wealth, luck, and prosperity into the family. They are also perfect as gifts to brighten up the homes with these sunny-golden fruits. 

These potted plants do not come with gift boxes.

Sizing Guide:

  • Approximate Size: 25 inches tall

    Flower Care:

    • Sunlight: Direct or Partial sunlight only. Exposure to strong direct sunlight might cause plants to dry out and fruits to drop at a faster rate.

    • Water: Once every day or when soil is dry.


    • The product photo shown is for reference only. Every potted plant is unique and actual plant colour, and arrangement may differ slightly from photo.

    • Chinese New Year decorations and props will vary.