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Floral Bar (Vase / Bouquet)

Floral Bar (Vase / Bouquet)

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Floral bar (Choice of Fresh or Preserved)

At our Floral Bar, the power is in your hands. It’s the ultimate floral experience that's perfect for any event, from enchanting weddings to corporate gatherings. It's like a candy store for flower lovers, where guests can unleash their creativity and handpick their favourite blooms.

Feel free to mix and match, select the blooms that speak to your heart and reflect your personal style. Don't worry if you're not a seasoned florist - our floral experts will be right there to lend a helping hand and work their magic with you. Whether you prefer your blossoms wrapped in a beautiful bouquet or arranged in elegant vases, our team will create a piece that's tailor-made just for you.

Contact us today to bring the magic of our customised Floral Bar to your next event. Let's create a blooming haven where guests can unleash their creativity, and take home a piece of floral enchantment!

Choose your flowers from our list here:

No. of Guests:



For 70 guests

Mini Wrapped Bouquets / Vases

On-site Florists (2 hours)

Choice of 7 Flowers, 3 Foliages (Fresh)


For 100 guests

Mini Wrapped Bouquets / Vases

On-site Florists (2 hours)

Choice of 9 Flowers, 4 Foliages (Fresh)



*Additional charges apply for premium flowers listed in the catalogue.

*As flowers are seasonal products, they are subjected to availability. Anndol.Floral reserves the right to replace and change any products with similar items of equal or greater value should they be unavailable.

*Please note that each bloom and bud is unique and that we are unable to deliver the same exact bouquet replica.


Photos are for illustration purposes. Please note that each bloom and bud is unique and that we are unable to deliver the same exact bouquet replica. However, be rest assured that the overall look and vibe of the arrangement will stay the same :)

As flowers are seasonal products and we are facing occasional disruption in our flower supplies due to delayed and canceled flights, we seek your understanding that some flowers featured will be substituted. We might need to cancel some orders if there are no replacements.


Depending on the environment, preserved flowers can last from weeks to months. The length of time depends on the different methods used to display them.

Due to the humid and hot temperatures in Singapore, preserved roses can soften and colours may fade quicker. Keep them out of direct sunlight as this may cause the flowers to fade. Avoid placing them near open-windows, humid rooms and ventilation grilles.

Rainy days can lead to flowers moulding, which is unfortunately unavoidable. Initially, you can attempt to eliminate the mould by gently wiping it away using an alcohol swab. However, if the mould persists, we kindly advise you to remove the affected flowers to prevent its further spread.

Do not press, bend, or squash the petals or stems as they are delicate. Place them in the dry and cool place wherever possible. Best to keep them in the gift-box.


Upon check out and payment, you will receive an automated email reply and an order number. Please check your spam folder just in case!


Please click here to find out more about our delivery policy.

***Our trusted delivery partner will deliver your flowers within the time slots stated and we have no control over any specific delivery timing requested!!!

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