Blue Blossom (Cacti & Succulents)
Blue Blossom (Cacti & Succulents)
Blue Blossom (Cacti & Succulents)

Blue Blossom (Cacti & Succulents)

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Rayne or Shine creates contemporary home decor pieces inspired by landscape wonders around the world. Known to be very low-maintenance and hardy, Cacti & Succulents make the perfect table buddies. We all know that having plants at home has its list of benefits but did you know that your plant friends do not have to be strictly green and leafy? These unique gifts for yourself or loved ones comes in an array of shapes and colours to brighten up any space!

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Sizing Guide:

Approximate size of arrangement (with plants): 15cm (L) x 15cm (B) x 15cm (H)


Plant Care:

Succulents can last from months to years. They are slow growers and will stay within the pot and it’s arrangement. These plants are low maintenance requiring watering only once every 2 weeks. Leave them by a bright spot in your homes and outdoor gardens to watch them grow and bloom flowers!


How to care for them?

Due to the humid environment in Singapore, kindly place them by a bright and windy spot with watering only once every 2 weeks! 30ml of water directly into soil and avoiding the leaves of plants. 


About Rayne or Shine:

Rayne or Shine hand-arranges each pot meticulously to create these home companions and desk buddies. Each design is inspired by a landscape theme and presents a truly unique plant gift for yourself or others.


Visit their nursery at:

90 Jalan Lekar (Sat & Sun Only)

+65 80306565