(Preserved) Love Letter in Pink
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(Preserved) Love Letter in Pink


Fitted beautifully in a letterbox, these preserved and dried flowers are meant to last for moments that matter. They are easy to carry around and can be turned into tabletop decorations to spruce up the desk space.

Approx Size: 22cm Width x 29cm Height

Please read our V-day guideline before ordering:

Delivery Standard Operating Procedure

Our third-party delivery company will deliver within the timeslots stated. We will not send any notifications to the recipients prior to delivery. If required, please inform the recipient on your end to ensure a smooth delivery.

Upon reaching the location, the delivery team will only wait up to 5 minutes before moving on to the next location. Should there be no one at home, they will leave the bouquet outside the door and inform the sender. 

Re-delivery Charges

In the event that a re-delivery is required, an additional fee of $15 will be applied to your order. We do not bear any responsibility for any missing or wrong information. This extends to, but not exclusive of: incorrect address, no answer from both recipient and sender, incomplete address (no unit number, etc). Anndol Floral will contact you directly and payment has to be remitted prior to the re-delivery.

For Failed Deliveries

All order failures from 10th -13th Feb & 15th Feb, re-delivery will be scheduled to the same-day night delivery time-slot (6pm - 9pm).

All order failures for 14th Feb will be scheduled to the next working day on 15th Feb.


Flower Care: Depending on the environment, preserved flowers can last up to a few months to a year. Preserved blooms may fade and soften over time due to humid temperatures in Singapore. To avoid such issues, stay away from sunlight, water, and heat. Place them in a cool place where possible. 

Note: Photo is for illustration purposes. Please note that each bloom and bud is unique and that we are unable to deliver the same exact bouquet replica. However, be rest assured that the overall look and vibe of the arrangement will stay the same :)